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Welcome to Gardanotes, the English edition of Gardanotizie

Gardanotes is the English edition of “Gardanotizie – Il primo quotidiano online del Lago di Garda.” This site is an extension of Gardanotizie, aimed at providing our English-speaking audience with high-quality, accurate news and stories from around Lake Garda.

Please note that Gardanotes operates under the same journalistic integrity and standards as Gardanotizie, which is registered with the Tribunal of Brescia under number 35/2000 as of June 16, 2000. The responsible director of both Gardanotes and Gardanotizie is Luca Delpozzo.

The content, views, and opinions expressed on Gardanotes are aligned with the ethos and editorial guidelines of Gardanotizie and are subject to the same rigorous journalistic standards.

Gardanotes is your dedicated source for local news around the enchanting Lake Garda. As the English counterpart of Gardanotizie, our mission remains the same – to deliver professional yet accessible journalism that resonates with our international audience. We delve into the heart of local stories, bringing you the latest updates, insightful features, and a true reflection of life around Italy’s largest lake.

Our team, is committed to presenting news with integrity, depth, and accuracy. From bustling markets to serene landscapes, cultural festivities to economic developments, Gardanotes is here to keep you connected with the essence of Lake Garda.

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